citizenship workshop - october 28, 2017

Hello 9th Judicial District Bar Association,

Our office has co-sponsored a free Citizenship Workshop with the Basalt Regional Public Library, Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition, the Spanish Speaking Lawyers Committee of the Colorado Bar Association, and the Colorado Hispanic Bar Association on Saturday, October 28, 2017, in Basalt, CO. We are seeking donations.

We would love it if you have time to come help us volunteer, but if not, please consider donating supplies or food. Needed items include pens, reems of printer paper, notepads, highlighters, whiteout, sticky notes, staplers and tape. If you would like to donate food, we are seeking to feed around 20-30 volunteers breakfast and lunch. Please contact me directly if you would like to contribute at I am happy to come pick up items from you. 

I have provided information about the workshop in the attached flyers and below if you are interested in volunteering your time. All volunteers but especially bilingual volunteers are tremendously welcomed. Thank you for your consideration and support


David R. Schambach, Esq.

Associate Attorney


932 Cooper St.

P.O. Box 3005

Glenwood Springs, CO 81602


The citizenship workshop provides assistance to lawful permanent residents who are eligible to apply for citizenship. Each drive is set up as a one-stop shop with several stations: a station to complete the application for citizenship; a station to make photocopies and compile everything for submission; a station to gather materials to study for the citizenship test; and most importantly, a station with immigration attorneys to verify the person is eligible and does not have any issues that could potentially result in denial of naturalization and placement in removal proceedings. We are hoping to assist over 50 applicants on October 28 and are seeking volunteers (we would love to have as many bilingual volunteers as possible) to help the applicants complete the citizenship forms. There will be extensive oversight by experienced immigration practitioners and an attorney will review each completed application with all applicants in a final station of the workshop. 

Prior experience is not necessary. All volunteers will be provided an hour training from 9:00 am to 10:00 am on the day of the workshop. Breakfast, lunch and snacks will be provided. Proficiency in Spanish is helpful, but not required. 

This is a fun and rewarding event and will provide a great learning opportunity for students who are interested in immigration law and giving back to the Colorado immigrant community. It will also provide students with valuable experience that they can include on their resumes and discuss in employment interviews. Please feel free email me at if you have any questions or concerns.

Date: Saturday, October 28, 2017

Location: Basalt Regional Public Library, 14 Midland Ave., Basalt, CO, 81621

Volunteers Needed: 9:00 am - 12:30 pm; 12:30 pm - 3 pm; or all day

Sign-up: here (non-attorney volunteers are invited to sign-up, as well)
Mandatory Training for All First-time Volunteers: Saturday, October 28, 2017 at 9:00am

Thank you and have a great weekend. 


Elder abuse and financial exploitation are a hidden epidemic.  Diminishing capacity, isolation, concealment, and other factors put certain adults at risk, and the harms that befall them are often difficult for law enforcement or other government agencies to discovery or address. 

Attorneys are in a unique position to identify instances of elder abuse and financial exploitation and to intervene on behalf of an at risk adult.  If a client or you have become aware of a potential instance of elder abuse or financial exploitation, and you have decided that it is appropriate to make a report to government authorities, you have several options. 

First, you may call 911 in the event of an emergency.  Otherwise, in non-emergent circumstances, you may contact (i) police dispatch to file a report or (ii) the Human Services department through a state hotline at 1-844-264-5437.  At this time, the state hotline recording states that it is a “child abuse” hotline, but it is intended to receive and triage matters relating to both at risk children and adults.  I have called the hotline, and you can get to a human being within a few minutes. 

Both options should prompt a response from an investigator.  If you believe that the response to your initial contact was insufficient or untimely or that the situation was not adequately addressed, we have a new option – the District Attorney’s has set up an email address for attorneys to use to escalate elder abuse and financial exploitation for at risk adults -  Emails to this address will hit the account of a chief investigator for the DA’s office and may be useful in addressing the needs of an at risk adult. 


Matthew Trinidad

(970) 945-2261

he CBA Waterman Fund is here to help

The fund is a charitable trust that provides financial assistance to Colorado lawyers in good standing who have been practicing for at least 10 years. Administrators meet monthly to consider applications for assistance and distributions range from a one-time benefit to six-month awards which are renewable. Click here for more information.